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Life Groups

Life Groups are an important part of all that we do at NewCov because we believe that life is a team sport.

Life Groups meet on a weekly basis to do life together. Usually, this involves gathering around a table and sharing — of our time, of our stories, of our thoughts, and of our prayers. Our Life Groups become our people at NewCov; those to whom you can connect with through life’s great joys and great hardships. There are always new Life Groups forming at NewCov, and you’re welcome to hop into existing ones, too.

Join a Life GroupJoin a Life Group

Getting involved in a Life Group offers:

  • A sense of intimacy and community for people.
    That’s why we shoot for the magic number of twelve people involved in a group. It’s simply the maximum number which experience has shown can sustain the intimacy needed to meet peoples needs and allow for quality conversations.
  • A place for spiritual exploration and growth.
    Life Groups are an environment where people are encouraged and supported in the sharing of stories, experiences, ideas, and feelings, as they explore God’s Word.
  • An opportunity to serve others at NewCov and in the community.
    Life Groups are encouraged to get involved in service opportunities as a group.  In addition to helping others, these service projects are a great opportunities to strengthen your friendships.

How to Connect

      • How do I join a Life Group?
        Signing up for a Life Group is pretty simple. If you’d like to join a Wednesday Night Life Group, you can sign up at Guest Services anytime — or just show up next week. If Campus Life Groups on Sunday mornings are more your style, just walk in to the next meeting time and introduce yourself. If you’d like some information about other Bible-studies, service groups, or other Life Groups at NewCov, be sure to explore online or visit on a Sunday morning to hear about other opportunities.
      • Which Group should I join?
        That depends! Some of our Life Groups are open to everyone in every walk of life, and some of them are designed to suit certain groups best. Wednesday Night Life Groups are a great place to start, as everyone is welcome and you can connect with others who may be involved elsewhere at NewCov. Campus Life Groups on Sunday mornings are also great starters, separated by age group: Summit is for those 65+, Elevations is for people 50+, and Base Camp is for any adult with a family.
      • How long is a Life Group commitment?
        Only the length of a sermon series, which is generally 5 to 8 weeks long. It is entirely up to you if you choose to continue or not after the series is over.
      • I’m interested in leading a Life Group. What’s involved?
        Leading a life group is as easy as making a commitment to meet regularly with a group of up to 12 people on a regular basis. You will be provided a study guide that will facilitate your group’s discussion. You will be asked to attend periodic training sessions to keep you up to date on important information and to share ideas to make your group’s experience the best possible. Your commitment to lead a group can be as short as a sermon series or as long as you wish to continue.

Click here to let us know you are interested in leading a Life Group.