End Of Year Giving

ALL contributions that you want posted for 2019

MUST be postmarked by December 31st, 2019.

Alternative Ways to Give! Use your RMD! Need to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) before year-end, but don’t need the money? You can donate this distribution to the church and avoid the taxable consequence. If you have any questions, please call or email Sandy@newcov.com. Or you can simply approach him out front as you enter or leave the building! We always appreciate your generosity and look forward to the Christmas Season!

Contribution Statement Information: As many of you may know, yearly contribution statements are available online through our data base system, MyNewCov. You are able to view your giving statement any time and print out your statement whenever you are ready. If you have not set up an account, simply call the church office and we can help you do so. Should you need assistance or do not have access to a computer; please call Carla Mathers during office hours.

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