Sunday Mornings

9:00AM & 10:45AM

From the moment you pull into our parking lot, we hope you will feel like there’s room for you here! As you make your way into the lobby, you will see our cafe, where we serve custom made coffee beverages for you to enjoy. You will be welcomed with a smile while meeting our friendly greeters who are able to answer any questions you may have.


If you have children, you’ll want to take advantage of AdventureLand – our safe and secure children’s ministry designed just for kids. You will see the “Ranger Station” which is where you’ll check-in your kids for AdventureLand.


On Sunday mornings we also have programming for Jr. High and High School aged students in our Student Ministry Center, where RAIN (High School) and 180 (Jr. High) meet.


As you enter the worship center, our ushers will welcome you and give you a worship folder with the notes for the morning message. As service begins we hope you feel the presence of God and experience his love through the engaging music and the encouraging, Biblical message.

Current Series

Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do? How does the Holy Spirit guide our decisions? How do we live empowered by the Holy Spirit and not our own strength? How does the Holy Spirit comfort? If you’ve ever wondered about these things, Empowered is for you! Empowered is a practical 5 week Sunday teaching series on how we can live our lives understanding the Holy Spirit following the words of Jesus and the apostles John and Paul.

Nov 3 – Dec 1


11/3 – The Significance of the Spirit
(Scott Gossenberger)


11/10 –  God Said What?
(Scott Gossenberger)


11/17 –  Consistant, Constant and Close
(Scott Borman)


11/24 – Soaring Above it All
(Scott Gossenberger)


12/1 – What’s So Super About the Church?
(Sandy Brown)