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What do you do in your job at NewCov?

 As of May of 2016, my job shifted to investing in the life of students of all ages, college to the cradle. More specifically my job is to pour into our children’s and youth teams to help them grow students in their relationship with Jesus.

The five most influential books you’ve ever read?

Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson
Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmall
Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart by Stu Weber

Your most guilty pleasure?

Avocados. There are times I go to the store and buy one, slice it in half in my truck and then squeeze it out and eat it. I know, weird, but true.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Well besides my wife and the birth of my kids of course… the most beautiful thing I have ever seen was solid ground after I went skydiving.

What is the first question you will ask God when you get to heaven?

Why did You create human beings in the first place?

How Long have you been at NewCov?

Since July of 2009

Names of your spouse, children, grandchildren?

Tara Jo. 3 Boys: Miles, Ty, and Eli

How do you spend your leisure time?

Baseball. Coaching, watching and playing (ok, it’s slow pitch softball, but it’s close). I also love fishing.

Where did you grow up?

Good ol’ Fresno, California.

Most fulfilling part of your role at NewCov?

The fact that I get to see evidence of growth as students live for Jesus. I also love to just talk about life with those who are exploring their faith.