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Celebrate Recovery Leader

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What do you do in your job at NewCov?

Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader

The five most influential books you’ve ever read?

The Bible

Man In The Mirror

God’s Promises for Fathers

Lead Like Jesus

CR Bible.

Your most guilty pleasure?

Ice Cream

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Giant Sequoias.

What is the first question you will ask God when you get to heaven?

Well, how’d I do?

How Long have you been at NewCov?

30 years

Names of your spouse, children, grandchildren?

Spouse Nan- Children Wendy, Ryan, Tiffany, Sara- Grandchildren- Alyssa, James, Karin, Eric, Katie, Mason, August, Kaia.

How do you spend your leisure time?

What’s that? Travel, fish, sail, golf when I have a chance.

Where did you grow up?

Again, what’s that?  I have lived in Fresno all my life.

Most fulfilling part of your role at NewCov?
Watching people go through the recovery process and become the people God wants them to be. Watching the miracle happen. It’s about people who have been hurt, have habits or hang-ups that keep them from trusting God.