They said it couldn’t be done. They said NewCov couldn’t “Stake Out the Vision” and purchase 5 acres of property on Nees Ave. and be debt free in three years. But what is impossible for man is possible for God. In 1988, as a six-month-old church, NewCov took the outrageous step of laying claim to God’s vision for Northeast Fresno/Clovis. Amazingly, in just three years our baby church purchased our initial acreage and, through God’s people and God’s power, we were debt free.

Today the Lord has positioned us to take another bold step and claim freedom from debt with our 7 Years to Freedom giving opportunity. About $50,000 per month would be reclaimed for high-impact ministry if we were debt-free. Additionally, by paying off this debt on our facilities in 7 years, we will save $2,500,000 in interest! Imagine the lives that could be transformed if that money went to Christ’s work and not the bank. Here’s how a “little can do much” in the Lord’s hands (Matthew 14:17-21) and how you can participate during YEAR 1:

Option A – For those at NewCov who are currently giving to Faithwave or one of our previous capital campaigns.

Challenge: Extend your capital giving for one more year as your commitment to Year 1 of 7 Years to Freedom. Simply indicate in your check memo the amount you would like to allocate for 7 Years to Freedom. You’ll only write one check for both tithes and this fund.

Option B – For those at NewCov who currently give but are not participating in a capital campaign.

Challenge: increase your regular giving by 7% as your commitment to Year 1 of 7 Years to Freedom. For example:

Current Giving
Total Giving

Again, just simply indicate in the check memo the amount that is to go to the General Fund and the amount that is to go to the 7 Years to Freedom Fund.
With either option, you can make your donation at our Giving Kiosk in the lobby, or online by clicking HERE.

7 Years to Freedom (7YTF) FAQ
What is the 7% all about?

What we are asking is 7% of what you are already giving. For example, if you currently give $100, we are asking that you increase to $107.

Can I roll over my Faithwave pledge to 7YTF?

Absolutely, we are inviting all faithful givers to continue their pledges with the new opportunity 7YTF!

What if I have an automatic draw from my bank each month?

We are asking that you change your previous pledge giving option to the 7YTF option going forward. This will require you contacting your financial institution.

What If I am am unable to commit at this time?

Because we know God works differently in each of our lives, we simply ask that you continue to pray and get involved when you are prompted to do so by the Holy Spirit!

Are all of the 7YTF monies going to debt reduction?

We have committed to this opportunity and yes, 100% of the monies received will go to additional principle on our mortgage!

I am new to the church…can I participate?

Yes, we welcome you to New Cov and are blessed that you would join us in the Lord’s work!

What If I am unable to give the entire 7%?

Because we are confident God will bring about an amazing outcome, we ask that you give what you can to help us achieve our goal of financial freedom!

I make my contribution at the kiosk in the main lobby, can I continue to do that with 7YTF?

Yes, we will make that option available at all of our giving portals including the kiosk and online options!

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Pastor Sandy Brown. You can reach him at [email protected] or by calling 559.298.0688, ext. 209.