*update April 2018

As of April 1 2018 paid over 1.3 million in additional principal

Saved over 1 million in interest

75 months ahead of our Amortization schedule

Plan to have loan retired in June 2020

*update January 2017

They said it couldn’t be done. They said NewCov couldn’t “Stake Out the Vision” and purchase 5 acres of property on Nees Ave. and be debt free in three years. But what is impossible for man is possible for God. In 1988, as a six-month-old church, NewCov took the outrageous step of laying claim to God’s vision for Northeast Fresno/Clovis. Amazingly, in just three years our baby church purchased our initial acreage and, through God’s people and God’s power, we were debt free.


Today the Lord has positioned us to take another bold step and claim freedom from debt with our 7 Years to Freedom giving opportunity. About $50,000 per month would be reclaimed for high-impact ministry if we were debt-free. Additionally, by paying off this debt on our facilities in 7 years, we will save $2,500,000 in interest! Imagine the lives that could be transformed if that money went to Christ’s work and not the bank.