January 11 – 31, 2021


2020 threw everything it could at us and as a Nation we are at a pivotal point – tensions, divisions, a global pandemic, and massive shutdowns have taken their toll.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

For generations believers have come together to pray and fast and 2021 is no different.  We will be locking arms with other local churches for a time of fasting and prayer.  As a community let us gather together and pray for God to move in the hearts of his people like never before.

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Believing People Trust

Day 1: Church Community

Lord, I lift up the people of our church you. May we live worthy of your call in our lives. As we respond to that call, fulfill every purpose, every faith-filled act of service by Your power. May we be clothed in righteousness with hearts that sing for joy and delight greatly in You.

Day 2: Pastors

Lord, I lift up my pastors to you. Thank you for their servant’s heart. Keep them from losing heart when ministry gets tough. Help them prove faithful with the things you have entrusted to them. Keep them open and honest before you and help them to represent the truth plainly.

Day 3: Parents

Lord, I lift up all parents to you. Parents who are doing the journey together, on their own, and for those who are taking over for someone
else. Give them strength and wisdom to do this most important job. Give them grace when they don’t do it perfectly. And help them to purposefully raise their children to know and follow you all the days of their lives.

Day 4: Children

Lord, I lift up the children in my congregation to you. Let their conduct always be pure and right. Teach them to declare your marvelous deeds. May they flee evil desires and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace.


You Can’t Do Life Alone

Day 5: Grieving/Sick

Lord, I lift up the grieving and the sick in our church body to you. May those who suffer from physical and mental hurts from losing a loved one realize that You are the rock, You are the peace, You provide green pastures. We thank God for the recovery of thousands. We continue to pray for healing and perseverance.

Day 6: First Responders

Lord, I lift up those who have taken up the call to respond when illness and injury occur. I pray that you protect them and their families. I pray that we,
as a church community, lift them up with our prayers and actions. Help them overcome stress with confidence that you are in control.

Day 7: Diversity

Lord, I thank you for the differences that you created in us. That in our uniqueness we can find strength. I pray that our church body is welcoming,
loving and trusting to all people, even those who are different from us. I pray that we are able to see all people as you see them…valued, loved by You, and created for a purpose. I pray you equip our eyes to see inequality.

Day 8: Ministry Leaders

Lord, I pray for all ministry leaders. We pray for continued passion and perseverance in ministry every day. We pray that you bless each and
every leader and do amazing things through them. Let the leaders of youth be called to remind each child of the marvelous things You have done. Let every ministry be led by your call and inspiration.

Day 9: Protection

Lord, I lift up our need for protection. Protect and deliver us from the evil one. Help us be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. Show us how to test the spirits to know they are from You.


Growing People Change

Day 10: Youth

Lord, I lift up the youth in my congregation to you. May they rely on You and Your Word when temptations and life’s challenges come. Holy Spirit, direct their actions to develop a strong faith and trust in You. May they flee
evil desires and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace.

Day 11: Elected Officials

Lord, I pray for our elected officials. You have established them to be in this special leadership position. As we submit to Your authority, I pray for wisdom and discernment for everyone that makes decisions at the federal, state, and local level. Guide and direct them in all they do and say so that You may be glorified.

Day 12: Deacons

Lord, I lift up my deacons to you. May they walk worthy of respect with sincere hearts. Help them to keep hold of the truth. Keep them from indulgence and greed. May they keep short accounts with you so that their
consciences are clear. Bless their households with peace and respect. Fill them with your spirit and let them operate in wisdom as they carry out their responsibilities.

Day 13: Wisdom

Lord, I ask that you continue to help me experience greater clarity in hearing Your voice. Through this time, equip me to love You and love other people. Speak to my heart and help me continue to grow spiritually
during this time of political, social, and physical change.


Saved People Serve People

Day 14: Volunteers

Lord, I lift up those who volunteer. We pray for everyone that volunteers in the service of the church body. We pray that their interactions may glorify You. Bless them for the obedience and generosity they have displayed.

Day 15: Church Staff

Lord, I lift up the people who work at our church. Thank you for every nursery worker, parking lot attendant, office staff, building janitor, etc. Bless those who have devoted themselves to the service of the church. Keep them in an attitude of humility that comes from wisdom and wholehearted service to You.

Day 16: Missionaries

Lord, I lift up our missionaries. Remind them to do good and share with others keeping them outwardly focused. Help them to be faithful ministers of the Gospel. Empower them to heed your call, to go out, and to be bold for You.

Day 17: Community

Lord, I lift up our community, especially the surrounding neighborhood. Let us love people as we love ourselves. Show us how you want to help meet the needs of neighbors, whether they are fellow believers or not, and give us the heart to do so. Rebuild, restore, and renew our community. Send your peace and prosperity into this place where you planted us. Bless each individual home and family from the inside out. Watch over our city.


Found People Find People

Day 18: The Lost

Lord, I pray for those around us who are lost. I pray that we in our church can live as examples. May your Holy Spirit help us reach them for Christ. May more and more receive the gift of Eternity with You.

Day 19: Believers and Purpose

Lord, I pray for believers in Christ that have not yet found Your purpose in their lives. Thank You that they are saved. Now, help them to discover and fulfill their purpose in Your Kingdom.

Day 20: Church Ministries

Lord, I lift up all the ministries of our church to You. May they be used for Your glory in order to reach those who are not connected with our church community. May we invite love, and encourage each one.

Day 21: The Great Commission

Father, we claim the power of Your name over the church to reach the lost. Help us as a worldwide body to be your hands and feet so that the lost will know the truth of the Gospel.

Heal Our Land