Claim Your Campus


Aug 7 & Aug 14


At NewCov Community Church prayer is a priority when it comes to campus ministry and outreach. Students, youth leaders, parents, and community members can get involved. A team of praying people will have significant influence at your school.


Fresno Unified School District

Saturday | Aug 7 | 9:00-9:30AM
@ Fresno Unified Campuses


Clovis Unified School District

Saturday | Aug 14 | 9:00-9:30AM
@ Clovis Unified Campuses


Prayer Guidelines


Gather around the school’s flagpole to pray

Ask God to open your eyes and prepare your heart to see the school from His perspective

Pray out loud for clarity and better agreement, or pray quietly.

Don’t be afraid of silence. Be attentive during this time to allow the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray in accordance with His heart.

• You’ll have a total of 30 minutes to pray at the flagpole.


1. Pray For Our Students


The campus is made up of a tapestry of many different students, all of who have the need to experience the truth of Jesus Christ and be loved unconditionally. Christian students on campus are in a strategic position to communicate this love and truth.

Here is how to pray for students:
Pray that christian students will be strengthened in their faith and confidence in Christ, and serve as campus missionaries.
Pray that students who have emotional, physical, or family needs will be ministered to by the Christian students at school.
Pray for the safety of the students and faculty at the school.
Pray that everyone on campus would have a chance to hear the gospel and clearly understand how it relates to them personally.
Pray that students will come to know Christ personally.
Pray for God’s blessing on ministries and clubs at the school and that Christ would be glorified.
Pray for the mental health of our students.


2. Pray For Our Parents


Parents are vital to ministry at local schools as they minister to students and other parents throughout the school year.

Here is how to pray for parents:
Pray that parents will be encouraged and empowered by God’s spirit to reach out to other students and parents.
Pray that students and educators will experience the concern of Christian parents and come to know Christ through their witness.
Pray that parents will unite and support one another as they reach students and educators.
Pray for the mental health of our parents.


3. Pray For Our Educators


School boards, principals, teachers, and counselors have great responsibility, amd are in key positions of influence.
Pray that educators at each school will experience that love and concern of Christians.

Here is how to pray for educators:
Pray that educators would come to know Christ personally.
Pray that God would give wisdom to the administrators, teach­ers, counselors, school board members, and superintendent of the school district.
Pray that all staff, teacher’s assistants, cooks, bus drivers, and maintenance personnel would be encouraged in their work.
Pray for the mental health of our educators.