Vote For Deacons & Budget

Keeping in mind the instructions from 1 Timothy 3. Our current Board of Deacons is seeking 3 new Deacon Board members to fill the vacating positions, as well as, 2 alternates. The new Deacons will be affirmed at the Congregational Meeting by the members of NewCov on June 26th, 2022. Please prayerfully consider and vote for your top 3 candidates in order of preference. You also must include your name, as you may only vote if you are a member/partner of NewCov.

Additionally review the Proposed Budget for 2022-2023 and vote yes or no for approval.

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Deacon Nominations

2022-2025 Term


My wife Lisa and I have attended New Covenant Community Church for approximately 15 years, we have 2 children, Anthony and Addison Aguilar. I am a small business owner in Fresno County.

I am currently involved in a few ministries at NewCov which include:  the On Target Symmetry group, the security and parking team, the Pastors prayer team, the Barnabas Symmetry group, and I was previously a part of the NewCov prayer group.


My wife Jill and I have been married for 48 years and have 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren in Fresno, Clovis and the Bay Area. We moved to Fresno 18 years ago from the Bay Area and have been attending NewCov for the past 16 years. We have worked as part of the support teams for several Mission Dinners, Pastor’s receptions, VBA, church events and programs and currently co-host a Wednesday night Connections table.

The last 6 years Jill and I have been active in Youth for Christ Parent Life. We have supported Converge church plantings in the Utah and Madera area both past and current. Should God choose to have me serve in this capacity I am prepared to humbly support the pastoral staff in whatever capacity needed.


I was born and raised in Fresno, California and graduated from Bullard High in 1979 and I married my best friend, Pat Emery in 1981. We have lived in BC, Canada, Oregon, Arizona and Ohio from 1981-2006 for my banking career. We moved back to Fresno to start a new bank and I have been a part of the community banking fabric ever since. I am currently CEO of Murphy Bank. Pat and I have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren all living within 5 minutes of us, blessed!

We have been blessed to have attended to NewCov since 2007. I have served two terms on the Deacon Board as both President and Finance Committee Chairman. I have been a part of Men’s Ministry, Missions (10 trips and counting to Haiti), Operation Christmas Child, Angel Tree, Wednesday night table shepherd, synergy groups and on the facilities committee.


I’m thankful and grateful to be nominated as a Deacon for New Covenant Community Church.  I was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  I graduated from McLane High School, attended Fresno City College, Reedley College, and received my BA from CSU Fresno.  I’ve been part of the Saint Agnes Medical Center team in the Supply Chain Management Department for 20 years.  Jim and I have been married for almost 30 years. We have two children: Lily 20 and Wesley 18. Both were raised and served in various capacities in the church.

We have been involved with NewCov since 2000.  I served in Adventureland for 13 years, Wednesday night connections group and as a previous table host, on Target symmetry group, more recently as a Pastor Prayer Partner, also working with Operation Christmas Child annual pack a shoe box, and Beautify Fresno.  God said to go and on July 6, 2018 a team of 5 traveled to the village of Maissade Haiti, for 10 days we visited the kids at the orphanage, had Bible study and worship, stayed at Pastor Yoyo’s house, took the kids to Labadee for the day, and had an absolutely amazing adventure.

I’ve been told that I know the right time to call and what to say.  I guess this is my spiritual gift, as God puts people on my heart just at the right time and gives me the words when they need encouragement.  I feel Blessed to be a Blessing


Hello and thank you for prayerfully considering me. I have been married 20 years to my husband Steve, and we have two daughters, Ava (16) and Ashley (12). I work at Valley Children’s in administration currently but was a SAHM mom for many years. My husband works for the Marjaree Mason Center. We moved here 9 years ago, and as a direct answer to prayer, found NewCov.

This place has been a huge blessing in our lives and a great partner as we raise our kids. I volunteer at the Adventureland check in booth and my kids help (a lot). Ava works in the toddler room and Ashley volunteers in second service. We all also work the Mission Dinner silent auction. You may see us at other events helping as we can.

There’s more I’d like to say, but overall, I’m beyond humbled to be considered for this position. I’m committed to New Cov as my church home and an extension of our family. I feel like I am a good fit for this due to my unique perspective, experiences, and discernment

Proposed Annual Budget

2021-2022 2022-2023
General Fund $661,700.00 $661,300.00
Personnel $1,271,976.81 $1,409,879.77
Music & Worship $40,500.00 $44,400.00
Children's Ministry $13,800.00 $15,900.00
Youth Ministry $21,500.00 $31,100.00
Adult Ministry $6,300.00 $17,200.00
Membership\Assimilation $20,700.00 $29,050.00
Outreach\Evangelism $4,000.00 $4,000.00
Missions $156,000.00 $181,000.00
Total Budget $2,196,476.81 $2,393,829.77

Annual Congregational Meeting / Deacon Meeting

Sunday, Jun 27, 2021
One Service At 10:00AM


Attending Approximately 600 people
10:00AM Invite to worship Todd Anderson and band
10:15AM Communion Pastor Mike
10:20AM Resume worship
10:25AM 2020-2021 recap video
10:32AM Financial presentation Sandy Brown
4.4% budget increase, no lay-offs during COVID, church is in good shape financially
10:37AM Miranda video
10:39AM Message Pastor Borman
11:08AM Dismissed to SMC
11:40AM Drawing for Blackstone flat top grill
Winners are Tiffany & Nic Westburg

New Deacons: Ray Gerena, Chuck Anderson, Scott Loeffler, Shelly Erickson
Alternate deacons: Larry Clark, Larry Howard
Departing deacons: Dan Payne, Julie Wright, Jim Ritter, and Sandee Boyer


Respectfully submitted by Jim Ritter, Secretary

NewCov Deacons


Senior Pastor














Terms Of Service

3 Years


May be recalled by New Deacon Committee after 1 year of inactivity


Being selected and agreeing to serve as a deacon for New Covenant Community Church means you have demonstrated leadership and faithfulness in the life of our church. You are now being called by God to continue and expand your ministry.


  • Commitment

    As gifts and talents of individual deacons vary, so ministries of deacons will vary. As a deacon you are called to be an example for the church family by: Commitment to Christ.
    Acts 6:3, 5
    1 Timothy 3:8, 9, 10, 11-13


  • Prayer

    With prayer, seeking His will personally and on behalf of the church.


  • Growth

    Genuine and growing Christian experience.


  • Gospel

    Recognition of His gospel as the ultimate answer to all the needs of our world.


  • Leadership

    Leadership in promoting maturity, Christian understanding, sound judgment in the practical issues of life as well as unity in the church.


  • Stewardship

    Trustworthy stewardship of spiritual and material gifts.


  • Balance

    Balance in home time and home relationships with active participation in church activities.


  • Faithfulness

    Faithfulness to responsibilities, with a positive attitude toward the pastor and staff in pastoral ministry and all interests of the church.


  • Integrity

    Integrity and ethical conduct as well as temperateness in personal behavior.


  • Strength

    Boldness, insight, and experience in leading New Covenant to become more and more a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


• Attendance At Deacon Meetings

( 3rdTuesday of the month)


• Serve The Lord’s Supper

(Last Sunday of the month is Communion unless otherwise notified. If unable to serve, find substitutes from reserve deacon rosters.)

Lisa Farrior
(559) 298-0688
[email protected]


• Pray At Baptisms


• Deacon Christmas Open House

(Our December deacon meeting)


• Participation In A Small Group

(Wednesday nights, Men’s Women’s, Prayer, etc.)


• Know & Understand New Cov’s Growth Track + Values



4. Serve on a committee