NewCov U seeks to fulfill the call of Ephesians 4 by equipping the saints for ministry.  Each of our NewCov U classes will be focused on goals for equipping those who take the class. Email the class leaders for more information.

New Spring 2024 Classes

How Does Sanctification Work?

7-Week Study Course

Starts Sunday, Feb 4!

Feb 4-Mar 17
NewCov Student Ministry Center

In “How does Sanctification Work” we will be discussing the doctrine of sanctification and the variety of factors that work together to bring about the sanctification of all believers.

Why are we teaching this class?

Sanctification is the end goal of the work of Christ on the cross. Accordingly, it would serve us well as followers of Jesus to know what sanctification is, and how it works so that we would grow in our love and devotion for Christ and our love of others.

This course is free and course materials will be provided.

Effective Parenting In A Defective World

8-Week Course

Starts Wednesday, Jan 31!

Jan 31-Mar 20

$10 | Course Materials

Join us for this 8 week course looking at how to raise kids who stand out from the crowd. For parents with kids who are pre-school aged and older.

Adventures In Marriage

7-Week Interactive Course

Starts Wednesday, Feb 7!

Feb 7-Mar 20

$20 | Per Couple

Joins us for a 7-week marriage class taught by Dave and Cheryl Belden from Healthy Marriage Coalition. The main idea for this class is learning to embrace “Us is more important than you or me.”


Women’s fellowship group.

1st Thursday | Every Month
6:00PM – 7:30PM
NewCov Upstairs Chapel

For women too old for TikTok, and too young for LifeAlert.

A Season to Bloom for women in their 40’s, 50’s and young at heart early 60’s. This fellowship group starts on Thursday Sept 8th from 6 -7:30 PM in the upstairs Chapel. Meets the first Thursday of each month.  Grab a friend and join us anytime, no registration necessary.

Heart To Heart

Mentoring ministry for moms.

2nd & 4th Mondays
9:00AM – 11:00AM
Room 202

A twice a month ministry to mentor moms!
Childcare will be provided.