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Baptisms represent so much to NewCov. They’re a powerful profession of faith and a time for us to celebrate what Christ has already done in the believer’s life.  We’d like to get away from portable Jacuzzi tubs on the floor, in front of the stage. The centerpiece of our new outdoor gathering courtyard will be the new baptism pool right in front of our main doors. It will be a beautiful reminder of God’s love as we enter and exit the main sanctuary.   The area around the baptism pool will be where we gather, pray, and cheer for our family members making this statement for Christ.

We want to transform the courtyard area between the sanctuary and the SMC (Student Ministry Center) building to make it an amazing place to get together, sit for a while, and share meaningful conversation. You’ll be seeing and smelling the beautiful raised flower beds with built-in benches.  Imagine walking over to have a coffee break, meet up with friends, and hang out before or after an event. Ministry leaders, think about getting outside for your small group into these spaces for Bible study, quiet conversations, and prayer.



We have a vision for a grand pavilion to be the new focal point for NewCov’s campus. This space will be covered but have no walls. It will have the capacity to comfortably seat 200 people. We could host worship concerts, wedding receptions, ministry and teaching events… the possibilities are endless. When the chairs are put away, the kids and students can use this pavilion to play games under cover rain or shine.

All of these events and activities will be visible to our friends and neighbors passing by on Nees Avenue. Of course, we want them to see that NewCov is a joyful place to gather with lots going on. We want them to see themselves here with their families and friends.

We will be sharing more exciting news about building the pavilion when we are near completion of the phase one.

CCB | Select “Special Project” under “Designation”