Staff/Volunteer Resources

Online Facilities Request Form

If you are staff member of group leader at NewCov, you can schedule your events and request facilities on myNewCov. To learn more about managing your group and scheduling your group events, please visit the myNewCov support videos HERE, and watch the Events and Groups videos.

If you have questions regarding facilities requests, please contact the church office at 559.298.0688. If you want your event publicized, please email [email protected] and provide the following:

  • Who #1 (The name of your group)
  • Who #2 (The type of people you are trying to reach)
  • What (The name of your event)
  • Where (Where your event will be held)
  • When (When your event will take place)
  • Why (Why would it be a great idea for someone to attend this event)
  • How (How do they take part in this event – RSVP, Registration)
  • How Much (Is there a cost for this event)
Equipment Request Form

Please download and submit this form to reserve NewCov equipment.